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Monitoring and Evaluation - M&E

A complete tracking & evaluation system

M&E: Monitoring and Evaluation

It’s an in depth info managing application pertaining to achieve outcomes primarily based monitoring and tracking of outcomes, Project supervising framework of M&E application is natural, powerful and can easily adjust to desired business alterations rise in project from time to time.

M&E Key features

It is a complete tracking & evaluation system. It’s a web based program intended for reporting, monitoring task development.You can manage information collection by utilizing a number of info equipments pre defines in our software.It measures development of the specific project by monitoring indicator information and compare the outcomes with already established goals. so software consumers and other entities associated with the software’s are permitted to access and evaluate the data easily and quickly.M&E web based application needs no installation on computers and is accessible on any device from anywhere.

Application allows users to create results framework as per given guideline of donor agency or Project Management Plan PMP. M&E application is fully integrated to text messages, SMS. Which means it has full capability to receive data via SMS and project manager or team leads can view data on run time?

Fast Services provide services to customize its M&E application as per need of project to project.M&E application provides complete tracking, data collection against performance indicator and document repository with many useful features. Fast Services has team who understand Projects, M&E process, Data collection, reporting to stakeholder and client.

Consult Fast Services if you need application for project monitoring & evaluation. Contact us for further discussion and for the customization of this particular product according to your own choice. Our expert will contact you within 24 hours for further discussion and will personally visit at your place to provide a demo of this exceptionally well M&E System.