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About Fast Services

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A dedicated team of web professionals working on big projects with big ideas!

Fast Services is a Pakistan-based technology consulting company, with a team of highly qualified software and network professionals. Fast Services is a full service technology consulting company. We provide web development, custom software, database, network and datacenter solutions. Our consultants work within a discipline that starts with defining your needs in detail. We prepare a firm time-line and setup a reporting process so you know where your project stands every step of the way. Fast Services has successfully pooled up the experienced, highly educated and experts to fulfill the requirement of technologically advanced and complex projects. Fast Services was founded in November 1998 with the purpose of exporting software. Over 35 network and software engineers are working in Lahore center.

To add value to employees and the economy be engaging profitably in providing our customers with state-of-art Information Technology Solutions.
To gain and maintain cost, quality and technology leadership in the national and international competitive environment as a world class organization.
To promote best use and. development of human resource in a safe and congenial working environment.

At Fast Services we deliver your project within a structured process or methodology, which is based from our experience and accepted standards in the Information Technology Industry. The methodology uses terms and practices from the Unified Modeling Language, Information Technology Infrastructure Library,and International Organization for Standards and the Microsoft Solutions Framework. All of our employees are trained to follow our methodology and educate our clients. This way everyone knows what to expect during the solution development process.

Fast Services operates on the simple principle of linking tomorrow’s software technology to today’s business applications.
Fast Services offers:

IT Consultancy
Engineering & Embedded System Services
Network Systems
Multimedia presentations
Code Optimization
For Real Time Applications
B2B and B2C Services
Smartphone Applications

Our software development methodology is a refined set of best practices that has evolved and become codified over many years of successful development projects. It is successful because we are aware that it exists at two levels. At one level is a set of very simple underlying principles that are never compromised.

At the other level is a specific set of repeatable processes and techniques built on those principles, which have worked well time after time, but which we are always willing to adapt and revise to meet the needs of each unique project.

  • Principles
  • Elements of Successful Projects
  • The Project Plan
  • Specification
  • Testing
  • Milestone-based Build Plan
  • Defect Tracking
  • Source Code Control
  • Code Reviews
  • Customer Communication

With the guidance and knowledge of Fast Services, you’ll extend your business into the e-business marketplace quickly and efficiently. Whether you need a Business-to-Business or Business-to-Commerce solution, we can help you build your e-business to your specific needs.

Our experts combine cutting-edge technology and tactical business knowledge to deliver reliable, dependable, customized, and easy-to-use e-commerce sites. And most importantly, we concentrate on all of your e-business applications, so you will have the time to focus on core business.