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Event Management System - EMS

Event planner software: Fully integrated and centralized - Anytime, Anywhere

If you are hoping for any technology strategy like robust event planner software to market and handle your current events and activities, it's not just you. Because of the sophistication and commercial infrastructure requirements, it can make beneficial business perception to do business with a technological know-how service provider for your events management, occasion supervision, and for marketing and advertising system management, rather than bearing the cost of creating a system internally.

The majority of businesses and companies have realized that it's not simply the cost of developing a customized event management program which is beyond reach, but also the expense and means required to keep up with the technology in the long run.

Furthermore, custom-built Event planner software is created by people who have restricted event sector practical working experience. Therefore, the functions and product or service support for these particular programs usually eliminated when compared with proven providers.

In essence straightforward line will be:

"When you manage perfect events, consumers keep coming back"

EMS system by fast services Pakistan is a complete full fledge event planner software and is aware of all your even management needs and we know that having the understanding and management of each and every minor detail is the vital thing to accomplish excellence. This is exactly why our event management software solution makes sure that every one of your crucial details that you will need at any time is instantly available whenever you need it, Moreover all this information is available at a central location, so that you can manage events, access required details, no matter where you are.

Forget about reproducing same tasks which is common when someone try to manage the events manually. Forget about the need to synchronize the different software’s to perform a single task.

Forget about everything which was a hurdle before because EMS by fast services offers a one single solution for all your needs to manage events and to maintains all the details of your potential clients. Our intelligent EMS eliminates blunders and mistakes, and make sure that you focus on the actual business rather than fixing the different tools to perform a single task.

EMS is web based Event planner software offers to manage any meeting, workshop, and event. EMS is specially designed for development sector considering their requirements. In development sector, The Project visibility to the public is mostly through the events it holds. Therefore these events need to be well planned, managed and documented so as to create a strong impact and convey the right message to the stakeholder’s.

In order to support the activities and development approach, the project utilizes an Event Management System (EMS) to plan, manage, and archive all project events and training activities ranging from small meetings to large conferences and study tours. This Event planner software program comes with a cost management and financial reporting tool together with an extensive group of features that matches training and event organization demands. The software program can be even more customized depending on the training crew's technical needs so it might satisfy project goals successfully.

Key Functions

  • Create Workplan
  • Plan Event
  • Checklists
  • Vendor Registration
  • Centralize Your Event Information
  • Robust Reporting
  • Workplan wise activities
  • Real time Reports
  • Seamless Integration
  • Group reporting
  • Data Analysis
  • Participants, speakers tracking
  • Export reports in Excel/CSV
  • Track Activities
  • Attendance list
  • Invitation letter
  • Envelope printing
  • Document Management