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Social Media Marketing

Conceptualising and implementing online viral marketing ideas

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

  • Building a community of members or “followers” either existing or prospective customers
  • Encourage members to post reviews or positive feedback encouraging others to enquire about the company
  • Create leads and business through information about services or products through social media marketing
  • Details of promotions, competitions or expanded producted ranges/services
  • Contact information and direct links to website can also be pushed through the use of social media marketing
  • Having a social media presence gives the impression that a company is modern and dynamic.
  • Actively seek to increase membership, attempting to drive new business to the main site through gaining new “friends” and “likes”
  • Set up an ad using Facebook’s unique PPC system Provide any training (if needed) on how to effectively manage the account one the 2 month period expires.