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HRIS - Payroll System

Intelligent | Payroll System

HRIS - Payroll System

Whether you're looking for an online/cloud solution or a desktop software solution, FAST-HRIS Payroll System can meet your business needs. Compare and see for yourself.

Hire and manage your workforce better

Use FAST-HRIS Payroll System to manage your workforce. Our easy-to-implement performance management system, payroll system, and more can help you track and retain great employees. It's easy with FAST-HRIS Payroll System.

Why do you need an HR or payroll system?

HR compliance

FAST-HRIS Payroll System keeps track of the Affordable Care Act, state laws, and other federal laws to help you avoid risk and fines. We also keep up with taxes, too.

Talent management

With FAST-HRIS Payroll System you can do more than just pay employees and track benefits. Our recruiting software and knowledge management systems keep them engaged.

Increased productivity

Provide more sophisticated self-service ways to track time, PTO, professional development, and employee reviews.

Business planning

From payroll options to determining employee backfill needs, we help you plan your business and recruiting strategy.


Employee Self Service

The Employee Self Service function gives staff the ability to access personal information such as payslips and leave accruals directly through a secure online portal. Staff can also be given the ability to change certain information such as afterhours contact details or addresses freeing.

Online Leave Management

Never lose leave applications or leave forms with ePayroll’s Online Leave Management feature. Now, employees can view their leave accruals online and apply for leave easily, online, anytime. Managers are also able to apply for leave on behalf of employees and manage their employees online leave applications.


On-Demand Docs

Never lose an important document such as contract, records and certificates. With On-Demand Docs you will always know who has accessed what documents, and when. On-Demand Docs is the innovative way to store and access your documents online anywhere, anytime. It is a secure, flexible and economical option to move from paper to e-records. It increases your flexibility and record integrity.


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