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HRIS - Human Resource Information System

Intelligent | HR System

FS-HRIS - Human Resource Information System

Improve HR policies and make smart decisions with today’s most comprehensive, customizable HR software for small and midsized businesses.
Manage and track time-off effortlessly

Time and Attendance

When you have a good HR system, managing your staff time off and sickday is super easy. Create time-off policies, define policies for your staffs, and manage on the go.

Enduring Values, Inspired Performance

Payroll System

More than just a payroll solution, Payroll Systems offers tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes with dedicated customer service provided by experienced professionals.

Web-based and Client based

Human Resource

FAST-HRIS is web based online system. It’s complete HR solution assist to organize, automate and simplify HR processes. Attendance management, centralized management are key features.


FAST-HRIS: Effective HR Management

FAST-HRIS is today’s most complete, fully customizable HR management solution for small and midsized businesses. We help you improve efficiency and make better decisions across all your key HR tasks. Result: maximized ROEI.

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Control your biggest expense

Gain complete control over your payroll process and sensitive data. FAST-HRIS Payroll System is your in-house solution for producing accurate, timely payroll.

Find and Hire the Best Talent

Nothing is as expensive as hiring the wrong employee. FAST-HRIS Recruiting and Onboarding solution automates and streamlines the entire recruiting, hiring and onboarding process, and lets new hires use self-service tools.


Compliance and risk

FAST-HRIS Risk Mitigation and Compliance solution helps ensure you're complying with the reporting requirements of state and federal government agencies.

Manage Employee Time and Attendance

Really. Our time and attendance management solutions integrate seamlessly with FAST-HRIS to automate timekeeping and scheduling tasks.


Tackle Employee Benefits

Is employee benefits management too tedious and paper-intensive? With FAST-HRIS Employee Benefits Management solution, you can automate and streamline processes.

Features and Benefits

Simplify your time tracking

Engage and nurture your talent with our uniquely FS-HRIS

Browser based interface

All reporting information for your multiple locations sites is available

Powerful reporting and analytics

Manage and track career development of your workforce by providing guidance

Rule Based Time & Attendance

Do trend analyses and provide information about the work force

Payroll Simplified

Onboarding new employees is often a time-consuming process involving multiple steps.

Scheduling & Leave management

Developing a successful and meaningful performance evaluation process.


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